Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Yesterday marked a week on the road for us. We left early Sunday morning to make our twice a year trip South and arrived at Pops and Lulu's house Monday evening. We left the next morning for Orange Beach and spent the rest of the beach wrestling kids in the sand and water. Billy and I enjoyed a date night when we ate at a VERY old favorite of ours, Doc's Seafood Shack. After supper, we went to Cobalt Restaurant for dessert. It was fun night of good eats! We enjoyed a couple of other great restaurants that you should try if you ever visit the gulf coast... The Shrimp Basket (there are multiple locations and the whole family enjoyed the variety of foods we tried) and Tacky Jack's for breakfast (pancakes that hang over your plate). Obviously, I enjoy the dining part of our vacations! :)
Cooper continued to love the beach (like last year)... the sand, the water, everything. Calleigh warmed up to the soft sand, but never had any trouble with the hard sand next to the water. It was an experience that we will remember for years to come. With us being down there in early May, we didn't have any trouble with crowded beaches or party-ers. It truly was a family (and family-friendly) vacation. Hopefully next time we go, the kids will either be finished with daily naps or they will at least be taking their naps at the same time. It felt like we were spending a lot of time in the condo waiting on one of the kids to wake up. :)
One of my favorite (non-eating) memories is the time we spent at the indoor pool with ALL of the family swimming and playing. My second favorite is the nights on the beach "crab hunting" with Cooper. He was a RIOT! He would chase the crabs (with NO fear) across the sand and try to capture them with his net. Too bad it was so dark... the pictures or film would have been priceless!
Above are a few pictures from the first night. More pictures will be posted soon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthdays are for remembering...

"I'm ONE!"

Today is Calleigh's 1st birthday and we have had a wonderful day. We had a small celebration for our sweet baby girl centered around the Kentucky Derby. We had traditional derby foods (Cucumber sandwiches, Chocolate Derby Pie, and lemonade) and dressed to impress. The ladies wore hats and the guys wore their hats and dressy clothes. We had a wonderful time and Calleigh got some great gifts, but most of all she loved the attention.
I found myself reflecting today on what my life looked like a year ago and I remember being surrounded by family and how excited "Pops" was to be here for Calleigh's birth. She was a chunky, beautiful girl who was a week early but a full pound heavier than Cooper. She had the prettiest complexion and she melted my heart right away. I remember Cooper coming in to meet her and how sweet he was to her. I am one blessed woman!
Happy birthday to my precious baby girl! You have completed our family and made us all so happy.