Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Billy's first Father's Day as a Daddy and I think he had a good time. He requested that we watch Smokey and the Bandit (parts 1 and 2) and eat pizza and wings. We did it all. Coop even took a long enough nap for Billy to take a nap as well.

After church we snapped a few pictures to share with everyone. We hope you enjoy.

Many thanks to our dads for making our lives so amazingly rich and blessed. We hope to create that legacy with our own child.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rock and Roll Baby!

I cannot believe that I have let 2 weeks go by without a post. Cooper and I have stayed busy with me working on a class that is 4 months of material packed into 2 and Coop has been busy GROWING!!! Last week he had his 2 month appointment and he now weighs 12 lbs and 10 ozs! We are so pleased.

Next week leaves 2 weeks until Billy becomes full-time Faculty (he is starting YC's new Criminal Justice department and we are VERY excited) AND we leave to go to Alabama. This will be Cooper's first visit to the "holy land" and we are all very excited!

Here is a picture of Cooper in his new rocker onesie (thanks Sarah), his new "crawler" (thanks Mindy), as well as a new picture with his buddy Brody (they were not happy campers).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time to catch up!

So, it has been longer than a week and I am sorry about that. There is a lot to catch everyone up on, so here goes.

Monday was Cooper's 2 month check-up and he is growing like a weed. He is 12 lbs and 10 oz and 22.5 inches. When he was born, he was 7 lbs and 7 oz and 20.5 inches. We are so thrilled with his progress. He got shots and really did well with them. We are so proud. The only bad news was that he is favoring one side of his head so we are working with a Physical Therapist to make sure and round out the flat part on the right side of his head. It is a condition that could have developed while I was pregnant with him or during delivery, but either way, we are working on it.

In other news, I started a new graduate class and it is going to be tough. Luckily, I have Coop around to help me study. Check out the picture I took while I was watching on of my video lectures last week. He was really "talking" up a storm to the professor and I couldn't resist taking a break and snapping this pictures. I even sent it to my professor so he could get a laugh too. :) He said that Coop was probably the smartest baby in our class!

Cooper also got some new clothes from his Grandmother that came to visit and from Sarah (Brody's mom). Here is a picture of him in one of those new outfits.