Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday news...

(Wow! 2 posts in one day!)

Today was Baby Dedication Sunday at our church where each new baby was presented with a bible and an elder prayed for them. Here are some pictures..

Also, on Friday, Cooper's Grandma (Lones) flew in to meet him. As we expected, they fell in love immediately.

Saturday night was big for us too. We had a Crawfish boil with a group of friends. We boiled 60 pounds of Crawfish, 10 pounds of shrimp, and fried 3 pounds of Alligator. We had a blast! The guys ate EVERY crawfish and only left a handful of shrimp and gator.


Leah said...

Aw, I miss those! Looks like you guys have lots of wonderful friends! Cooper is growing so quickly! I'm sure he's a bit more spoiled now that Grandma has been there!!

Allison said...

Hey Christi!!
I just found a link to your blog. I am so excited to see you and what you have been up to.
I don't think I have seen you since our wedding! Congratulations on Cooper - he is adorable! It looks like everything is going really well for you. We are still in Montgomery. Maybe we can get together if you are ever here to visit with family.
Here's my e-mail:
E-mail me sometime. :)

Love, Allison :)