Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Traveling Shoes!

Well, we are on the road heading to Alabama and we figured out that this trip brings MANY firsts for Cooper!  First time in Iowa, First time in Missouri, First time in Illinois, First time in Kentucky, First time in a Waffle House and Bob Evans, First time in a rest area, First time in a hotel, First time in a king-sized bed... SO many firsts.  Let me brag... Coop has been AMAZING!  We left this morning at 5am and he only cried for a few minutes this afternoon (and that was because he was fighting sleep).  Otherwise, he was a perfect angel!  We are looking forward to another great day of travel tomorrow as we complete our trip to Montgomery to see Lulu and Pops, not to mention Uncle Drew.  The 2 pictures are of Coop in Metropolis, Illinois and Coop and Billy in Waffle House.

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