Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, as Billy, Coop, and I wind down our trip in Alabama, I find myself grateful for a WONDERFUL Christmas.  We left Nebraska 2 weeks ago today and Cooper was a pretty good traveler.  We stopped from time to time just to let him out to stretch those legs and be free of the car seat.  Otherwise, he napped and watched tons of Blues Clues and Baby Einstein (thanks Nicole and Sarah).  
When we arrived in Alabama, we spent the night in Huntsville with Billy's parents and Cooper's 2 youngest cousins.  Cooper had so much fun that he didn't go to sleep until 11pm that night. 
We then went to Decatur to see Pops, Lulu, Uncle Drew and all of Pops' family for the annual Spivey family Christmas.  The brunch was great and the company was even better.  Cooper 
got a couple of toys and a precious outfit.  
We left Decatur to head to Montgomery to spend a week at Pops and Lulu's house.  We had a wonderful week of being spoiled.  Cooper even learned some new tricks.  He started standing up on his own (without having to pull up on a wall or table or something).  He also started to eat us out of house and home!  He ate "3 squares" a day and then some.  He is still taking his bottle some, but WOW!
He has a healthy appetite.  :)  He has even created a silly face that he and Lulu did all week.  At first I thought it looked like he was trying to "fake cry", but now I think it was just a silly face where he wrinkles up his nose and closes his eyes tight.  (the picture is the closest thing I have of "the face")
Coop got some great gifts on Christmas morning.  He got some COOL converse shoes from his Uncle Drew, a red wagon that he LOVES (boy, won't he be disappointed when we get back to snowy
 Nebraska and he can't ride it for months), 
and a rocking horse that was given to me from my grandparents on my FIRST Christmas.  
Of course, this doesn't even mention the countless clothes, books, and other toys that were showered on him.  He was even in a "giving spirit" as he gave me a watch and gave Daddy a video that they 2 of them enjoy
 watching.  He also helped deliver Daddy's last gift from Lulu and Pops... a cool black guitar.  He was so cute helping Pops pull that gig bag.  It was a great moment.  After 
we finished opening presents, we ate a great lunch then went and visited my grandmother.  She loved seeing Cooper and Cooper enjoyed visiting her and the other residences in her home.  He is quite a ham.  :)  
After a wonderful week with my family, we left after breakfast on Friday morning to join Billy's family.  When we arrived in Huntsville, we were greeted by Cooper's grandma and all his cousins and his aunt and uncle.  We went to lunch at our favorite place from our time in Huntsville, the Po' Boy Factory.  After a yummy cajun lunch we came back to do Christmas again.  Again, 
Cooper was spoiled rotten with great toys that make fun noises.  He even got a fire engine that he can ride around from Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Jennifer, Caleb, Gabrielle, and Caden.  He had a 
great time opening gifts and listening to his cousins enjoy all their great gifts.  They are fun playmates and he has enjoyed all his time with them.  (pictures are of Cooper at the Lones Christmas)
While we have been in Huntsville, we have stayed busy and really had a great time.  Last night was New Years Eve and Cooper got to have one more spend-the-night party with Caden and Gabrielle.  They had tons of fun and wore each other out.  Hopefully this summer, that "wearing out" will translate into Cooper falling to sleep very quickly like the other 2.  :)  Coop just takes a while longer to wind down.  Cooper even learned a new trick from Grandma... he can now sit on the couch and then flip over to slide off!  :)
Today we are getting ready to head to Uncle Eddie's house for the annual Lones family Christmas party.  There are tons of kids and adults and even more food.  We are looking forward to a great way to end our time in Alabama.  When we get home tonight, Billy and I
have to get serious about packing... not our favorite part of traveling.  
Well, one more picture just for laughs.  Last night was bath night for Cooper and he and Daddy took some funny pictures.  
Our love to you all and I hope you guys had as wonderful of a holiday season as we did.  Happy New Year! 

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