Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New tricks!

This weekend was full of firsts for Cooper.  He went to his first funeral.  It was a lovely service that was for a gentleman who lived a long and very amazing life.  During that funeral, he spent most of his time with Sarah (Brody's mom) because apparently she has become his new favorite person.  Whenever he sees her, he lunges for her.   Luckily, Brody hasn't minded too much yet.  :)  Anyway, as he sat on Sarah's lap, he began feeding himself for the FIRST TIME!  He has never done that before.  He will let us feed him, but he has never taken solid food in his hand and put it in his mouth.  I was so proud and yet so jealous.  I guess that will not be the last time he does something for someone else that he won't do for us.
Here is a picture of him in his suit from the funeral & one of him and me when he was wearing his ROLL TIDE outfit.  He is a BIG fan!  :)

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Louise said...

He's getting so big and so cute!!! Hope you and #2 are doing good!! Love ya!!