Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busy Week

This has been a busy week and I am excited to be able to enjoy a long weekend with my husband at home.  
This week Calleigh turned 4 months.  It seems impossible, but true.  She is the happiest baby
 ever (even more so than Coop, I think) and truly a joy.  Coop loves her and they are just the sweetest things in the morning.  I never know who will get up first, but when the other rises, they are SO excited to see each other.  Calleigh smiles bigger for
 Cooper than she does for anyone
 else.  I pray that they will be best friends always.
Besides the "birthday" we had a busy week full of somewhat needy babies.  Both of them are teething and it is certainly a struggle to help them manage the pain.  We are blessed that we only know Cooper is teething by his diapers and the way he keeps massaging his gums with his tongue.  He looks like a MONKEY!  :) Calleigh has been drooling profusely and not eating as well with her teeth coming in.  She also seems to want to be held more... which isn't TERRIBLE, I guess.  Ha!
This week, Cooper has learned a couple of new tricks.  The most annoying one is "chucking the paci".  He has learned that if he throws his paci, we will let him down so he can go get it.  He does this in church, in Walmart and at home when we are rocking him to sleep.  It can be kind of funny sometimes, but annoying MOST of the time!  He doesn't seem to understand how grossed out I am by the floors in Walmart!!!!  Another trick happens everytime we walk outside.  He turns right (facing our neighbors, the Vavra's) and starts barking.  Then he stops long enough to turn left and start waving.  It doesn't matter if there is a dog outside or if the Pettagroves (our neighbors to the left) are at home our outside.  He will do this every time.  Silly kid.
He has started going on Monday's to hang out with one of our students and her cousin (she babysits).  Cooper LOVES this time with Amber and Thomas.  They eat lunch together then play.  Coop always comes home tired and dirty.  Makes me SO happy.  We knew he liked Amber when he saw her in chapel and came and got his bag and grabbed her hand and began to lead her away.  Now, each Sunday he wants to sit with her.  It is terribly cute!  
Speaking of Church, Billy told me that Cooper ran right up to Mrs. Eckman (YC's First Lady) when we walked in and jumped in her arms.  I laughed thinking that he sure likes to make friends in high places, but Billy pointed out that Mrs. Eckman resembles my mom (Lulu) sort-of and he wonders if Cooper runs to her b/c he thinks he is seeing Lulu!  Who knows, but I hope that makes Lulu want to come back to Nebraska soon! 
In other news, Billy and I are enjoying our new semester and our students.  Please pray for one of our favorites... Sonia.  She has cancer and is truly the sweetest being on earth (next to her amazing boyfriend).  She has stage 2 lymphoma and just finished her last round of treatment.  She used to work for me in the Admissions Office and is in one of Billy's classes this semester.  She embodies the meaning of "Christian Woman" and I would really like for her to get better soon. 

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