Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New to us...

Today was a busy day.  I teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays and each Tuesday afternoon Billy comes home and keeps the kids while I go to my office on campus and work uninterrupted for a few hours.  Anyway, today was shot day for Calleigh and Billy took both kids to the shot clinic for me.  This is a HUGE favor for me as I HATE to see the kids get "hurt".  The shots went ok (according to Billy) and when they got home Calleigh sacked out for a while.  Apparently, the shots help babies sleep.  
So here are the new things...
#1- I have taught Cooper how to sign "Please" and he used it properly today.  
This afternoon, he got my attention and signed "please".  I said, "please, what?"  Cooper grabbed his diaper.  I asked him, "Coop, do you need me to change your diaper?"  He walked over to the couch and grabbed the wipes and handed them to me.  I couldn't help but be impressed... he WAS dirty.  Smart boy!
#2- Cooper has been working hard on pointing out his nose (and your nose and my nose).  So, I have been trying to get him to do other things on his face and have gotten no where.  Well, today it suddenly clicked.  He pointed to his nose.  I said, "Where is my nose?"  He pointed to my nose.  I said, "Where is your mouth?"  He pointed to his mouth.  I asked, "Where is my mouth?" He pointed to my mouth.  "Coop, where are your ears?" and he pointed.  "Coop, where are Mommy's teeth?"  he opened my lips and pointed to my teeth.  HOW FUNNY!  :)
#3- While I was at work this afternoon, Billy was trying to cook and Calleigh was fussing in her bouncy seat.  Billy asked Cooper if he wanted to give Calleigh her bottle.  He said, "Yes" and took the bottle from Billy and walked over to Calleigh and sat down.  Now, he didn't put in her mouth, but he certainly did understand and respond appropriately.
Oh... and a warning.  :)  Cooper is interested in bellies.  It is my fault for tickling and blowing on his tummy all the time and then getting him to do it to me.  Anyway, if you see him and he suddenly pulls up your shirt... you know why.  :)
Hugs to everyone!

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Jackie said...

Christi, your kids are so cute. I love the #2 story (no pun intended...)!