Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthdays are for remembering...

"I'm ONE!"

Today is Calleigh's 1st birthday and we have had a wonderful day. We had a small celebration for our sweet baby girl centered around the Kentucky Derby. We had traditional derby foods (Cucumber sandwiches, Chocolate Derby Pie, and lemonade) and dressed to impress. The ladies wore hats and the guys wore their hats and dressy clothes. We had a wonderful time and Calleigh got some great gifts, but most of all she loved the attention.
I found myself reflecting today on what my life looked like a year ago and I remember being surrounded by family and how excited "Pops" was to be here for Calleigh's birth. She was a chunky, beautiful girl who was a week early but a full pound heavier than Cooper. She had the prettiest complexion and she melted my heart right away. I remember Cooper coming in to meet her and how sweet he was to her. I am one blessed woman!
Happy birthday to my precious baby girl! You have completed our family and made us all so happy.

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The Ferguson Family said...

What a cute theme- very original! I am so glad she had a great day.