Friday, October 9, 2009

Cooper's 18 month appointment

This week included a trip to the Doctor for his 18 month appointment.  He is growing and is very healthy.  He is 34 inches tall and 28 lbs and 12 ozs.  Other than sort-of being on a "meat strike" right now, he is eating great.  Calleigh's 6 month appointment will be next month and I am looking forward to adding cereal to her diet.  She is chunkier than I remember Cooper being, but otherwise they are the same baby.One funny story, last week I went into Coop's room to find that he had found a pen and had begun to decorate himself.  Trust me, I won't wait around to go get Cooper out of bed in the morning.  He was so quiet that I didn't know he was awake.  I just happened to go in his room b/c we needed to go somewhere and I needed him to get up!  Glad I got him when I did.  :)


Jackie said...

Oh dear, not pens! Nay carried a purple crayon around the house today and it took me a while to find all the places it left streaks on the walls...!

Thanks for the naked baby pics! :)

The Adventures of Baby Bond said...

They are both precious!