Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trip, haircuts, and snow... oh my!

This month has been WONDERFUL!  We have had an early snow, a visit from Billy's mom, a first haircut, a first trip to Washington DC, and a baby rolling ALL OVER the place.  Last week Calleigh started rolling ALL the way over.  She has been rolling "one way" for a while now, but while I was in DC last week she started rolling from one end of the room to the other.  She is sitting up better and better now, I can't help but feel like it won't be long before she is crawling.  As much as I cherish the growing up "process", it makes me a little sad.  
Both kids have LOVED having their Nana here.  Since we so rarely get to go to Huntsville, I worried it take a couple of days for Coop to warm up... that was not a problem at all this time.  Cooper immediately took to his Nana and Calleigh LOVES her too.  Mrs
. Lones has been a great blessing to me (especially) by allowing me to work while she kept the kids.  I have been able to get ahead in my class, as well as get prepared for my amazing trip 
to Washington DC.  She has really endured some early mornings and minimal naps.  I think Cooper knows that when Nana is here he doesn't HAVE to nap (even if he needs it).  :)
 Last week I went to Washington DC for the very first time ever.  I went with a group of future teachers and current teachers.  We flew into DC at 9:30 on Wednesday morning and hit the ground running!  I was able to eat lunch at the Native American Smithsonian, visit the American History Smithsonian, the Supreme Court building, the National Archives building, the Capital building, and the Library of Congress.  That night we ate at the INCREDIBLE Ben's Chili Bowl and then visited Chinatown.  We then met up with the rest of our group and toured the monuments.  We saw the Washington, World War 2, Korean, Vietnam, Lincoln, and then walked to the White House.  Just so you know, the White House lights go out at 11pm.  :)    
The next morning was the highlight of the trip.  We went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and spent the day learning more about the Holocaust and touring the museum.  The best part of the day was when we got to hear a Holocaust survivor.  She was in Poland living a good life before the Nazis invaded and changed her life forever!  What a blessing to hear from a woman who lived thru such difficult circumstances and truly has a positive outlook on life.  She certainly put my problems in perspective.
When we returned (at 1am on Friday morning), we went our own ways and then I got up with my family and went to get Cooper's FIRST HAIRCUT.  Cooper was a trooper and behaved SO well!  I was very proud.  He looks a little more grown up, but he is still my baby boy!

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Jackie said...

Hooray for Calleigh!

I *love* Washington DC. I stumbled into the Native American museum on my last trip -- what a beautiful setup they have in there! Glad you got to go!