Monday, February 15, 2010

Man oh Man

Man oh man am I bad at this blogging thing. I think about it and then DON'T do it. Strange, so I will try to catch everyone up.
Calleigh is 9 months now and Cooper is almost 23 months (he will be 2 years old at the end of next month).
Calleigh is taking steps, is waving, is very busy!
Cooper is saying a lot of words and trying to put them together into sentences (even if we don't understand). He got his first big boy haircut (very short on the sides and longer up top) this past weekend and he is trying to potty train himself.
The continue to be best friends and are happiest when the other is around. They certainly make life more rich!
Next month we start swimming lessons for both of them and we hope that Calleigh loves the water and that Cooper remembers how much he loved it last year.
Billy's Criminal Justice program is going very well and is growing. I continue to enjoy teaching a couple of History classes each semester and am looking forward to teaching my first on-line class this summer.
Pictures coming of the kids...

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