Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fingers crossed

(this is a picture of Coop and I playing with Photo Booth--- he thought it was fun)
Today seems to be much easier for Calleigh so far. She slept thru the night with only one exception, but that required no attention from us. She fell straight back to sleep and slept until 6. This morning has been better with less whining and considerable change in overall attitude. Unfortunately, no teeth have broken thru... makes me wonder if she is having the same issue that Coop did during his teething. He would have teeth start to come in and then the would go back up (I had never heard of it, but I had several moms tell me of similar episodes with their kids). It is certainly not what I want for my little girl, but she is tough and I hope that when they do come in, she gets several at one time.
Cooper is trying out new tricks on me. This morning he walked around with at pretend camera and said "Cheese!" He would say this until I said "Cheese" back. It took me a few times to figure it out (silly Mommy). Also, he has apparently figured out the correlation of Calleigh crying and meaning that she gets attention so when she cries he FAKES CRYING! I can assure you, this is more frustrating than cute, but I did turn my head to laugh the first time.
It is obvious that Calleigh is feeling better because it has been WWE in our house this morning. Calleigh has been "pouncing" on Cooper as he is watching TV. She pulls him to the ground and they wrestle while he hollers for me to come help. Of course, since I am such a carrying mom... I don't! :) I can't help but think it is perfect payback for some of the things he has done to Calleigh.
Oh... in other Cooper news, his potty training continues and we have not "forced" it at all. Yesterday he only had one wet diaper and he has slept thru the night without wetting 3 times in about a week's time. We are continuing to let him lead this effort and we will see how long that takes.
Next week is full of excitement! We start SWIM BABIES on Tuesday with both kids AND Pops and Lulu come to visit on Friday. We are so excited! The kids are going to LOVE the attention that my folks will shower on them and I am sure Coop and Pops will have a large time doing "boy things"!


Emily said...

Swim babies sounds like fun!

Jackie said...

I love it when they do stuff and you just have to not let them see you laugh! :)