Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love and Spoilin'

Today was a sad day. Cooper, Calleigh, and I took my parents (Pops and Lulu) back to the airport for them to return home. As the kids and I went back to the car without them, Cooper began whining and saying "OooOoo" (Lulu) over and over and looking back at the airport. I felt as if I was hurting him and riping him away from them, but he recovered rather quickly as we got in the car and cranked up "101 Dalmatians" on the car DVD player. He didn't even mention them again until we got home and he started looking for and calling for "OooOoo" again. :(
My folks flew in on Friday night and the weekend was wonderful. We hung out and played and let Calleigh reacquaint herself with Pops and Lulu. Cooper, of course, remembers them and RAN down the corridor at the Lincoln airport Friday night as soon as he could see them. Thank goodness for lax security late Friday night. Ha! Sunday was full of Sunday School and worship, playing and more playing. We even got to celebrate my Dad's birthday together for the first time in at least 6 years! We took him out to Kerry's so he could get a Cheeseburger (his favorite meal).
Monday, I was kicked out of the house and given the wonderful opportunity to get a ton of work done in my office. Since we don't have a sitter, I only get "office hours" when Billy is able to come home to stay with the kids. I was able to get SO much work done in preparation of my on-line classes that I will teach this summer. I even went back on Tuesday to work some more. Monday we celebrated Cooper's birthday (he doesn't turn 2 until the 29th) so my parents could give him birthday presents from them. He was SPOILED and he loved it. He completely enjoyed tearing off the paper and seeing what perfectly picked gift they got him. He got a keyboard, a Crayola "Color Me a Song", a new pair of Crocs (my son LOVES shoes... he is SO my child!), and several other thoughtful and fun gifts. All of these gifts were AFTER the suitcase full of new clothes they brought for both kids! Most of the new toys make some sort of noise or music which delights him and Calleigh... not so much Momma and Daddy. HA! We will live and we have loved watching him play with and enjoy all of those toys.
Tuesday we celebrated my birthday. My folks kicked it off with a BANG Monday night by surprising Billy and I with a new TV for our living room (B's birthday is in April). I got some new clothes, so beautiful jewelry, and a new pair of Crocs for me. They are SUPER cute. If you haven't seen high heel Crocs, you should. I will be sporting them all summer long!
My husband and kids spoiled me with items from my favorite band, Better than Ezra. The kids got me a t-shirt and Billy got me 3 CDs. These 3 CDs are significant for the following reasons... #1- the new CDs completed my collection (I now have ALL BTE CDs), #2- I got the re-released version of Closer (my favorite album) that I didn't even know existed, #3- I got a duplicate CD... THAT WAS SIGNED BY THE BAND!!!! Such a cool surprise! Billy also made my favorite meal. He makes the most amazing roast and then he tops it off with rice, gravy, mushrooms, mac and cheese, green beans (only so we could have a veggie, ha!), and deviled eggs. For dessert, I requested key lime pie. YUM! YUM! After all of that gluttony, I was shocked to find that I didn't gain a single ounce this morning! That is truly a birthday miracle! :)
After stuffing ourselves to the max, we took the kids to swim lessons and Pops & Lulu got in with the kids while Billy and I filmed and took pictures. I don't know who had more fun... the kids or the grown up kids!
As I drove home this afternoon with my sleeping kids behind me, I counted my blessings again and 2 of the best ones are my mom and dad. They are wonderful to my kids, my husband, and to me. Being surrounded by my parents, my children, and my fantastic husband made this birthday the best yet! Thank you Lord from whom all blessings flow...
Pictures to be posted soon...

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Jackie said...

Hooray for birthday food and fun. You have a fantastic family!