Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's growing up on me... *SOB!*

Today was Cooper's 2 year appointment and our last time with our BELOVED Dr. Eberspacher. Dr. E is moving to a new "urgent care" clinic in Lincoln, so we will be losing an amazing doctor. Anyway, Cooper got "A's" all the way around. He weighed 32 pound (90th percentile) and was 37.25" in height (100th percentile) and 20 inches around his head (100th percentile). I was proud! :) He did very good in the doctor's office today, although he was uncharacteristically shy! He usually runs and gives our nurse a hug and talks to everyone. Today I couldn't get him to udder a word and couldn't even get a smile out of him. Strange!
Calleigh enjoyed a wonderful morning with Miss Nicole (she used to keep Cooper when he was first born a couple of hours a week). When Coop and I came to pick her up, she wanted nothing to do with me. I picked her up 3 times and each time she started crying and reaching for Nicole. It melted Nicole's heart and honestly... I loved seeing it as well. Nicole is a wonderful mother to her 2 girls and I am so blessed that she loves my kids (and others) as much as her own.
After I pried Calleigh out of her arms, we went for a Daddy visit. Billy came outside and we walked around campus and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day! Calleigh experimented for the first time with walking on grass without shoes on. I think she will like it when she gets used to it. After we got home and ate lunch, both kids rushed to bed for a nap. I ended up having to wake them up so we could go wish a wonderful young man goodbye as he leaves YC for new adventures. After a little cake, the forgave me for interrupting their naps and we walked around for a little while longer. We made our way to Miss Sarah's house (another favorite with my kids) and Calleigh got to swing in her toddler swing and Coop got to jump on her trampoline. Both kids had a wonderful afternoon. We look forward to many more beautiful and fun filled days!
Ahh... Welcome SPRING!!!

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