Friday, April 2, 2010

Fridays are the greatest!

Today is Friday and while nothing major is happening, I am just so happy to see the sun and to have gotten out of the house for a little bit this afternoon. I am looking forward to tomorrow when we take the kids to an Easter Egg hunt. I will take tons of pictures and hopefully some video.
Part of our time out of the house today included a trip to Walmart and a stop by the College. I thought we would just pop our head in on a couple of our friends and ended up spending more time there than we expected... but that was ok! Miss Gayle (and President Eckman) spoiled them with Animal Crackers and Calleigh didn't want to leave her. We then went down the hall to see Miss Jackie and Taylor. I wanted to see Miss Gail (M) too, but we missed her. Coop tried on Taylor's motorcycle helmet (I hope that is the CLOSEST he gets to a motorcycle for a LONG
time) and loved it! I thought he looked like the "Vader" character in the movie "Space Balls".
Too funny. After that visit, we went to Hulitt to pick up a book for me and the kids got to see the McNeeses. Calleigh LOVED Miss Bev and was heartbroken when I took her. It took a few times to leave because she kept lunging for Miss Bev and well, Miss Bev seemed so happy to hold her that she kept taking her! It was so cute!
After naps and a quick supper, we went out to the YC softball game. We only stayed for a little bit since it was rather windy but before we left, we took the kids to the small playground next to the field and both kids loved the slides. Loved them so much that Cooper cried the whole way home!
Calleigh didn't mind going home...
...but Coop wasn't as happy!
I know we all feel amazingly refreshed from the little bit of time in the fresh air and sunshine.
Praise the Lord for springtime!
In "other news"... last night the kids got to open a big box sent for them from their Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins in Alabama. They were birthday gifts for the kids and let me tell you... they were a HIT! They are Leap Frog animals and they play music and are customizable so they will say the kids' names, etc. I had to take them away last night just so they would get ready for bed. Aunt Jennifer also got them "Future President" shirts on one of her recent adventures. I will have them try those on soon for pictures.
Here are a few of the kids last night enjoying an extended Cooper birthday and an early Calleigh birthday...

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