Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratituesday (gotta love my man!)

Yesterday, my beloved husband turned 35. While the day came and left quietly, it marked a momentous day for him. It was at this age that Billy’s father had a heart attack and this has been a point of great concern for Billy for years. He has seen this date as a “looming, dark cloud” and he has been motivated over the last year to get in shape. I am SO proud of him… he has lost 20 pounds!

So here is my Gratituesday subject… Billy. There are so many reasons to love, appreciate, honor, and respect him, so I am going to list a few of those.

  • Billy is the most amazing chef
  • Billy LOVES to cook (lucky me!!!)
  • Billy is a Christian man
  • Billy is a wonderful provider that put family above a lucrative career

I respect Billy for…

  • His keen mind
  • His relationship with his parents
  • His adoration for our children
  • His hands on approach with our kids

I appreciate Billy for…

  • All the times he has gotten up in the middle of the night with a baby
  • all the meals that he cooks after a long day at work
  • co-parenting with me
  • loving and caring about my family like they were his own
  • loving me, even when I am unlovable
  • all the things I am forgetting and never giving me a hard time for it J

Over all, I am grateful for Billy being in my life and taking care of me. I am one blessed woman!

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Jackie said...

Fantastic! It is great to hear people say things like that about their spouse. Sometimes we don't say it enough. Happy birthday Billy!