Friday, April 9, 2010

Stay away...

Oh gosh... I can't begin to say how physically and mentally exhausted I am. But I am well and that is more than I can say for anyone in my household.
Yesterday, Billy was diagnosed with Pneumonia. He hasn't had a fever since around midnight last night and other than a continuing cough, sore throat (when he coughs), and fatigue, he claims to be getting better. Got to love modern medicine!
Cooper is getting better and other than his persistent cough, he is "back to normal". Calleigh, on the other hand, has had a terrible day. She basically whined ALL DAY LONG! She would want to be held and then she would wiggle down and fuss when she got got down. Nothing made her happy except Cooper playing with her (for a little bit and then she would start fussing again). About 3pm, I started getting her ready for her afternoon nap and I changed her diaper, which lead to the need to change her clothes. When I did that, I noticed that she had a little sunburn (at least that is what I think it is) around her neck and the back of her head. It wasn't terrible, in fact it was kind of cute. She now had some color!
It wasn't much longer before I noticed that she seemed to have a raised rash on her back AND she was REALLY scratching at her neck. I laid her down for her nap without her shirt on because I had lotioned her down pretty good. When she woke up an hour later, the rash has spread. It was rapping around her chest and was "crawling" up her face. After a frantic call to the clinic (it was 10 minutes until 5, i.e.- closing time), we were told to try some Benadryl, an oatmeal bath, and aloe lotion. We did all of it before bed and she was still scratching, whining, and running a low-grade temp. We were told to watch her temp and her breathing.
I suppose I am asking for prayers for my family. Seems as if they all could use it!

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