Wednesday, April 7, 2010

They are dropping like flies...

Well, not really, but I know that all of my family is now sick except me. Coop has been sick for more than a week and it got progressively worse, so we took him yesterday to find out that he has a "child's version of bronchitis". He was prescribed a plethora of drugs and hopefully we will see a significant improvement in the next day or so.
Calleigh has been a little bit under the weather for a few days, but not as bad as Cooper. Well, she woke up very early this morning due to a coughing fit and was a pitiful little girl until she finally fell back to sleep. Thankfully she has napped very well all day today and was fine until about 6pm tonight when she started running a fever. We are praying for a restful night for both children.
And now to the last... the "big boy" of the house, Billy. He has been sick since yesterday and he is pretty sure it is just his allergies. Let's hope after tonight's "comfort food" supper and another good night's rest will do the trick for him.
Now for a quick funny story. We put C & C in the tub tonight just to help them get comfortable and to hopefully bring down Calleigh's fever. Well, we have learned that we should always put Cooper on his potty BEFORE we put him in the tub. It seems that he has figured out that there is "more than one way to skin a cat" and is interested in learning how to pee standing up. Anyway, as he stood over the potty he began to make the "hissing" noise similar to well, to someone "peeing". :) Billy and I had a very hard time not laughing our heads off! Ha! Ha!

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