Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratituesday (part deux)

Friends are something I have never taken for granted, but this week has proven a great time to give thanks for some of the amazing women in York who have been there for me in some way over the past week.
  • Thank you to Sarah for always, always treating my children as her own and taking them in several times over the past 2 weeks within MINUTES of a panicked phone call from me.
  • Thank you to Candi for offering several times; neigh, really, really wanting to help us with whatever we needed.
  • Thank you to Lindsey for taking the kids today for the 3 hours while I covered one of Billy's classes and my own. She had her 2 kids and 3 other kids ALL BY HERSELF and she WANTED to take in my kids. Needless to say, my children loved her and all the kiddos they got to play with (Cooper cried the whole way home begging to go back).
  • Thank you to Amber and Marti and their love for Cooper and their weekly playdates with Cooper. To top of that long day, they came BACK 2 hours later and kept both kids while I took Billy to supper for his birthday! They are so good to us!
  • Thank you to Barb for taking my kids on Friday for several hours so I can get some work done and so Billy can get some rest.
  • Thank you to Gail, Kimberlee, Summer, and Kami for the facebook "stalking" and offers to help. I particularly loved Summer's offer to go get kleenexes for us! Talk about being specific! :)
  • Thank you to Becky for the offer to help and even bring us dinner, but most especially for fielding nursing questions on her day off because I am too embarrassed to call the clinic AGAIN!!!
  • Thank you to Cathy for the AMAZING (I'm not kidding) supper that she brought us. YUM! YUM! YUM!
  • Thank you to the nurses and doctors at the York Medical Clinic who fielded SO many calls (and visits) from me as a concerned wife and mother. Boy... I am so glad they haven't run scared when they saw my number pop up on caller ID.
  • Thank you to our bosses for being so understanding and willing to work around Billy's "sick time" schedule.
  • And thank you to all the countless friends who have prayed for Billy or my kids and for those who continue to ask how we are doing. I also appreciate the random visit from Rick yesterday to check on us. My son was so excited to see him because he thought Rick was coming by to take him "bye-bye". Ha!
Since I KNOW this is never a good idea to individually thank people because I will inevitably forget someone, bear with me as I add posts of those names I forgot. I think it is important enough to thank people by name and more importantly to thank GOD for these people by name. Thank you all for being blessings to my life.

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Jackie said...

What a blessing to have friends like this in your life! Hope things start to look up for y'all!