Monday, April 12, 2010

And she's down for the count... (and more)

This weekend afforded me the unusual, but wonderful ability to have a "date night" with my LITTLE man. Since Billy and Calleigh are sick, I took my (mostly well) boy to Songfest and we had a blast. He got to hear a lot of fun music and dance with some of his friends.
Cooper with Amber... one of his favorite "girlfriends"!
So this weekend has led to an interesting Monday. Calleigh hasn't been acting like herself all weekend, so we have treaded lightly with her and made sure to keep her as comfortable as possible. A somewhat low-grade temp exasperated her other symptoms of runny nose and general crankiness, but it wasn't until today that I really began to wonder if something more was the matter. I took her to the clinic and guess what... she has a NASTY ear infection! Ahhh!!!! She is now on antibiotics and a decongestant to hopefully bring this thing under control.
While she and I were in the clinic, I asked the doctor more questions about Billy's pneumonia (that we forgot to ask last week) and I found out that he would likely be dealing with this another 2 weeks (which was a TOTAL shock to him) and that he could relapse if he were not VERY careful. We are both more committed to making sure he gets well and stays well. He taught 2 of his 3 classes today and slept for the 4 hours between those classes. I am "teaching" his 2 classes tomorrow and a wonderful savior/friend is watching the kids for part of the afternoon so Billy can rest a lot.
The only "fun thing" I have let Billy do today is we went out to eat for his 35th birthday just a few blocks from our house. We were gone a whooping hour and a half, but it was nice to be out with just the 2 of us. It has been almost a YEAR since we have been out without kids! Amber and her mom were kind enough to watch the kids and take them to the park.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how blessed we are to have such wonderful and caring friends here. I'd be afraid to start listing the friends who have helped and the friends who have offered to help. There is no way I could properly show my gratitude for everything and everybody. The Lord really has taken care of us thru the "angels" here in York. Thank YOU!
Looking forward to tomorrow... it's GRATITUESDAY!!!!

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