Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daddy's girl...

When we found out that Calleigh was going to be a girl, all of the men at church told Billy she was going to have him wrapped around his finger. I never really bought into this idea... Billy just isn't that kind of guy. This week I might have caught a glimpse of how wrong I could be.

Billy has been watching a dress in Lincoln for at least a month in a half. Every time we go into the store he would look at this dress and talk about how cute it was. I never knew why he liked it but he appreciated it from afar. This week on our trip into Lincoln, he changed his mind. He bought THE dress and I was so tickled that DADDY picked out and purchased a dress for his "princess", I thought I would share a picture of it. When I get a pic of Calleigh in it, I'll share it.