Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow during Spring Break and other "sneaky" things...

So, this past week was Spring Break and it was an amazing week of hanging out and running around. The kids had a WONDERFUL time having both Momma and "Da" (what Cooper calls Billy) here with him. When he would wake up from his nap, he would holler for me, but as soon as I would go in to get him, he would start insisting on Da coming to get him. :) It was a lot of fun for us all. The weather was really good for most of the week and Thursday was the best of all. We had weather in the 60s and it was beautiful. The irony was that the next day was miserable with blowing snow and COLD temperatures. It was a good reminder that God is in control of EVERYTHING!
This weekend Billy made pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes are one of Coop's favorites and Billy tried something new... blueberries. I know that isn't a new concept, but it is to Cooper. Unfortunately, about 6 months ago, he started being very picky about what he eats and we have really struggled with getting him to eat anything besides the same 10 foods. Anyway, Billy added blueberries and it didn't slow him down at all. Cooper ate a ton that morning and has had one the past 2 mornings (we ALWAYS
make enough for leftovers). The 2 pictures to the left are of
Cooper eating the blueberry pancakes and enjoying every bite!
We have also been very pleased that within the last 3 weeks he has started eating bananas & apples and while he has been eating yogurt as much as we let him. He asks for it by name (not that most people could decipher what he is actually saying) and seems to love it. My fingers are staying crossed that he will continue to expand his love of good foods.

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