Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratituesday (reflections on 2 years)

Daddy helping take his new truck out the package
Cooper opening the first of 3 "woof woof" movies
Coop's very own Coca-Cola Double Fudge Cake
Blowing out his candle
(thanks Amber for the great pic)
Yesterday was Cooper's birthday. He was born 2 years ago in York General Hospital with minimal fuss and barely a squeak. Things are different now... he is loud, silly, and ever so busy. This weekend of celebration was no different. Saturday we had some friends over to help us celebrate and he loved every minute. He got balls and a "woof woof". He was so thrilled with his toys that he will not let Calleigh play with them. Even if he is playing with another toy, he will carry his new dog around to make sure she doesn't get it. If she goes near any of his balls, he starts yelling "Baby, Baby, Baby, No, No, No!" Luckily, Calleigh doesn't seem to mind right now, but I expect that to change at some point.
Since yesterday was his actual birthday, we decided to save our presents for him to open after a celebratory visit to McDonald's last night. He LOVES opening gifts and with 3 new "woof woof" movies, I'm sure we will have a busy day. Unfortunately, a couple of his other gifts are for the summer, so he will have to wait to play with those and he didn't seem to really understand that.
So now to the gratitude... Cooper was a long awaited gift from the Lord. Billy and I had been married 10 year when we had him and were blessed with great and fun experiences and travels before his birth. When he was born, Billy and my mom were in the room with me and while I don't consider giving birth as a beautiful thing, I do consider it a blessing and I am so glad that 2 of my favorite people were there to witness the birth of yet another favorite... Cooper. Since he was born, I can remember thinking that HE was the very reason I was born! I realize that is a lot of pressure on both him and I, but Coop is a special little boy and I am so excited to see where the Lord leads him.
I pray daily for him to be open to God's plan for him. I also praise the Lord daily for giving us Cooper (and Calleigh, of course). He has brought many smiles & laughs and I expect he will bring many more years of joy. Cooper has taught me how to appreciate the small things in life and how to slow down and enjoy the moment. So I dedicate this Gratituesday to Cooper and the joy and lessons he brings to my life. I love you "Little Bit"!

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The Ferguson Family said...

What a sweet post! It brought tears to my eyes. Children are such blessings and happy birthday to Coop!