Thursday, April 22, 2010

New tricks...

Coop has 2 new tricks. The first one I haven't caught on tape yet, but I am sure I will eventually. He is VERY much into mimicking what I do or sometimes even what Calleigh does (especially if it is something naughty that she gets away with). Our newest game is where I mimic him by doing whatever he is doing with his arms (he is VERY expressive with his arms now) by crossing them, putting them at my side, crossing again, and then holding them out. He thinks this is the funniest thing and now he has started trying MAKE me "play this game". He will grab my arms and try to put them across my chest to get us started. Today I looked at him a couple of times only to find him looking at me and mimicking ME in hopes of starting the "game". What a cut up!!!
His other new trick is in this video. He can't quite get the concept of moving the finger back and forth to make the noise, but it is still hysterical!
Calleigh is growing and learning things at an amazing rate as well. Yesterday I got her to sign "more" for me several times (at the appropriate times... eating, of course) and today she REALLY started shaking her head at me, especially when I would ask her about going to bed. Here is a video of it...

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The Ferguson Family said...

Love these videos! They are so cute! Kids are so much fun and have so much personality!!!